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Long Record

Title This is our town.
Author <Sister> M. Marguerite, <SND> & <Sister> M. Bernarda, <CPPS>, employees for hire of Catholic University of America.
Registration Date 27Feb63
Renewal Date 27Dec91
Registration Number A634345
Renewal Id RE566533
Renewing Entity Silver, Burdett & Ginn, Inc. (PWH)
Old Class Code
Edition Statements Rev. ed.
Limitation of Claim; New Matter NM: new stories, poems, and ill. with remaining material rewritten.
Series Title(s) Faith and freedom basic readers, III-1
Cross References <Sister> Marguerite, <SND.> SEE <Sister> M. Marguerite, <SND>. <Sister> Bernarda, <CPPS.> SEE <Sister> M. Bernarda, <CPPS>.