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Douglas Menuez Photography Collection
  • /menuez/images/menuez/01_Steve_Jobs.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    In 1986 Steve Jobs was starting over and rallying the troops. Having changed the world twice he would try again with the best and brightest and pack a mainframe into a one foot cube. Palo Alto. 1986

  • /menuez/images/menuez/02_NeXT.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Steve Jobs and the NeXT board of directors host a lunch and demo for Ross Perot at the unfinished new NeXT factory. Perot later invested around US$20 million into NeXT for 16% of NeXT's stock, pricing the company at $125 million and joined the board of directors in 1988. Fremont. 1987

  • /menuez/images/menuez/03_1812_104.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Steve Jobs Steve Jobs and Ross Perot discuss NeXT's business plans while touring the NeXT computer factory. Perot later invested around US$20 million into NeXT and joined the board of directors. Fremont. 1987

  • /menuez/images/menuez/04_02_Autodesk.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Autodesk employees meet at San Rafael, California headquarters. The company encouraged employees to bring their dogs to work and fostered a pet friendly atmosphere.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/05_Kodak_Bill_Gates.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Bill Gates debates with reporters about the "vaporware" upgrade to Windows at the Agenda '92 Conference, attended by 300 or so high-tech industry CEO's and hosted by the irreverant, amusing Stuart Alsop who challenged Gates on Microsoft delays. Laguna Nigel. 1992.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/06_0775_072.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Apple CEO John Sculley led the press on a tour of the Macintosh factory while introducing the first low-cost Macs, including the Classic and LC. Reaction was very positive on Wall Street. Fremont. 1990.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/07_2078_070.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Producer Michael Witlin hits the floor in exasperation, while PR colleague Tricia Chan calls an engineer during a bug-ridden rehearsal for an Apple Newton press demo. Las Vegas. 1993.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/08_18_Net_Objects.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    NetObjects employee meeting led by CEO Samir Aurora, out of focus at right, Redwood City, California. New employees were required to wear balloon hats at team meetings. The innovative web design tools company managed to merge with IBM and go public in May of 1999. Unfortuately, they were late to market and faced a slew of competitors at that point. CNN reported that their IPO was the first company in the history of the internet to close the trading day at a lower share price then the IPO opening bell price. Circa March 1999.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/09_Main_Frame.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    LAM Computing technician seeks source of problem during assembly. Fremont. 1990.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/10_1519_22.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Dark humor at Apple tech support, where long wait times leads to plenty of frustration -- not just for customers but the support techs as well, as someone bugged by Quickdraw GX illustrated here. Austin. 1994

  • /menuez/images/menuez/11_16_Apple_Cupertino.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Apple programmer Sarah Clark delivers a message to the Newton War Room. Clark often brings her newborn baby to work. Her office has curtains over the glass so colleagues know when it's nap time. Cupertino. 1993.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/12_74022_36_SM.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Vinod Khosla, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers partner and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, discussing potential investments with the KPCB partners at an offsite meeting, Redwood City, California, circa 1992.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/13_74021_25_SM.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers partner and legendary venture capitalist, discussing potential investments with the KPCB partners at an offsite meeting, Redwood City, California, circa 1992.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/14_74025_26_SM.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Jim Lally, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers partner lays out documents related to potential investments during a team meeting with the KPCB partners, Redwood City, California, circa 1992.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/15_Farallon.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    At the Farallon Computing warehouse a woman "checks six" on a colleague. Farrallon was an innovator and leader in Macintosh networking. Berkeley. 1989

  • /menuez/images/menuez/16_88324_30A_SM.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Bill Joy, Sun's co-founder and chief scientist as he discusses Java with John Gage on video conference. Joy was refining their new universal platform Java software which Sun had released in 1995. 1996, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Aspen. CO.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/17_88267_32_SM.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    A map in Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy's office showing all the golf courses in the world he intended to play. Redwood City offices of Sun Microsystems, Inc. 1992

  • /menuez/images/menuez/18_12_Apple.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Apple Newton marketing team members Michael Tchao, left, Nazila Alasti,middle and Susan Schuman, right, backstage at Newton press conference during the CBIT Conference, Hannover, Germany. None of the eight units they brought to demo were working minutes before they had to go onstage. March 1993

  • /menuez/images/menuez/19_0775_106.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Iternational Trading Group Halloween party preparations. San Mateo. 1989.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/20_09_Apple_Tokyo.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Japanese women bow in traditional greeting in the lobby of Apple Computer's Headquarters. Tokyo. 1995

  • /menuez/images/menuez/21_88210_26A_SM.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Sun Microsystems, Inc. 1992 Mountain View. CA.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/22_0501_47.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Tricia Chan gets a hug from speechwriter CJ Maupin after a Newton demo and press briefing at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show. Las Vegas. 1993

  • /menuez/images/menuez/23_Newton_05.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Newton marketing executive James Joaquin during a press event leading to the launch of the Apple Newton handheld PDA. 1992.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/24_0775_112.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    International Trading Group at 6 a.m. and one employee is doing yoga as another is on an international conference call. Menlo Park. 1987

  • /menuez/images/menuez/25_QVC_Steve_Tomlin.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Stephen Tomlin, internet expert for Barry Diller's QVC, takes a minute to check his e-mail in Washington Square Park, near the usual crowd of morning Tai-Chi practitioners. San Francisco. 1993.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/26_17_Sony.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Sony Australia CEO listens to a proposal for a book/CD project called "From Alice to Ocean", Sydney, Australia, circa 1991.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/27_08_CBIT.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    CBIT computer conference Hannover, Germany 1993.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/28_024568_28A_SM_v2.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Rich Page (confirm this) making presentation to NeXT Computer, Inc. employees at Steve Jobs new company headquarters, Palo Alto, California, 1986.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/29_0775_070.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Late for a flight, the publisher of MacWeek Magazine runs back to his office for a vital document. San Francisco. 1992.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/30_07_CEO_DuPont.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Du Pont CEO Ed Woolard leaves the Washington Press Club after delivering a speech extolling a joint plastic recycling venture he started with Proctor and Gamble. Washington. 1991

  • /menuez/images/menuez/31_0775_083_v2.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Adobe System's annual Holiday Party. San Francisco. 1990.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/32_11_Dupont_Wastewater.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    DuPont water treatment plant, New Jersey. 1991.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/33_03_Gtech.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    G-TECH executive, Houston, Texas. 1996.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/34_13_TKO_Farms.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Migrant workers wash organic lettuce using a customized portable washing system built into a 60-foot trailer. TKO Farms. Salinas. 1993.

  • /menuez/images/menuez/35_2_Adobe.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Adobe Systems founders and friends Chuck Geschke, left, and John Warnock share a joke in Warnock's office at Adobe headquarters. Mountain View. 1988

  • /menuez/images/menuez/36_0775_082.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    Adobe Systems year-end holiday party; this couple later got married. San Francisco. 1990

  • /menuez/images/menuez/37_19_Dupont.jpg;jsessionid=FB372916E7D61CB04F606BEEF807242C

    After several days in a row, these Du Pont salesmen are completely in synch on their pitch to auto-body shops for a paint recycling program. New Jersey. 1992

The Douglas Menuez Photography Collection is the complete archive of award-winning documentary photographer Douglas Menuez. The archive includes Menuez's editorial photojournalism and fine art documentary work as well his commercial projects. Included in the archive are more than 250,000 photographs documenting the rise of Silicon Valley. These photographs focus primarily on the computer and semiconductor industries, venture capital deals, startups, and Internet companies. Menuez had virtually unlimited behind-the-scenes access for these photographs. Some of the photographs have been published in national magazines, including Fortune, Time, and Life, but many are available only in this collection. Please note that the digitized images represent just a sample from the collection.

Douglas Menuez's rise to prominence began as an intern for the Washington Post, and continued with assignments for national publications - including Time, Newsweek, and Fortune. His social documentary work has covered stories such as the AIDS crisis, the famine in Ethiopia, and the destruction of the Amazon. His work has appeared in several "Day in the Life" books, and the "24 Hours in Cyberspace" website and book. In 1987, he began a decade-long project to document the culture of high-technology development and business in Silicon Valley. He published Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton in 1992 (with an introduction by Paul Saffo and text by Markos Kounalakis). His most recent book, Heaven, Earth, Tequila: Un Viaje al Corazón de México, documents Mexican culture and traditions and was published in October 2005.

To learn how to access digitized images from the collection, see Using the Collection. For information on how to view other images and material in the collection, see Access and Permissions.

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