Using the Collection

Over MJF Arena, 1966
Over MJF Arena at Monterey County Fairgrounds, 1966

This web site enables unprecedented access to information about the audio and video recordings in the Festival's archive at Stanford. Search or browse through the listings to discover musical performances and other events. By creating an account on the collection web site, it is possible to create a list of "favorites", the titles of any pieces or events uncovered in a search that are of ongoing interest or relevance. On return visits to the web site, the list of favorites can easily be retrieved (and edited, expanded, etc.) by logging in.

Accessing the Recordings

The media recordings in the Monterey Jazz Festival Collection and related documents, such as posters and programs, may be accessed by visiting the Archive of Recorded Sound on the Stanford University campus. CD and DVD copies are available for on-site viewing. The staff can also direct you to additional material related to the festival and several published recordings of Monterey Jazz Festival performaces that are currently available in libraries or for purchase.

To make an appointment, contact by email or call (650) 723-9312. Hours and location information is available at

Copies from the Collection

Copies of the recordings or other materials needed for extended study or consultation outside of the Archive can only be provided with the permission of the General Manager of the Monterey Jazz Festival. These requests should be directed to the Operations Manager of the Archive who will inform you if permission has been granted. A service fee is charged to cover the cost of materials and labor.

For other questions concerning the Collection, email or call (650) 723-9312.

Photo courtesy of the Monterey County Herald